To safely and reliably store and move in-demand green fuels for Permian producers, the best equipment, partners and teams are necessary.

Hanwha Cimarron

Hanwha Cimarron is the leading global manufacturer of Patented components of high-pressure CNG and hydrogen tubes, a Hanwha subsidiary (a FORTUNE Global 500 Company). Sunbridge is bringing the most advanced composite tube technology – currently used by SpaceX and Shell – where safety and reliability are paramount. It is the only tube of its kind that can safely transport 100% methane CNG, hydrogen, RNG, helium, argon, nitrogen, neon, and carbon monoxide with NO-HEEL.

The Hanwha Cimarron Type-IV tube is the only CNG and hydrogen transportation and storage solution that is Department of Transportation (“DOT”), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (“ASME”), Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (“TPED”) European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (“ADR”) and Pressure Equipment Directive (“PED”) approved without exceptions.  It is a superior design that provides fast charging/discharging with no buckling based on special materials and structures with Patented liner technology.

Northern Natural Gas

Northern Natural Gas (“Northern” – Northern Natural Gas) is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway En​ergy based in Omaha, Nebraska and has been in business since 1930. Northern owns and operates the largest interstate natural gas pipeline system in the United States. Northern’s pipeline system stretches across 11 states, from the Permian Basin in Texas to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, providing access to five of the major natural gas supply regions in North America.

Northern provides natural gas transportation to and from the Permian Basin via a 30” outside diameter interstate pipeline with 1.5Bcf/day total capacity.

Services Teams and Providers

Comanche Gas Solutions

Comanche Gas Solutions is a leading provider of natural gas blended-fuel management in drilling and completions across the United States.

Clean Energy 

Clean Energy is a supplier of over 1,800 CNG compression and fueling systems to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Broadwind Heavy Fabricators

Broadwind Heavy Fabricators is a full-scope manufacturer of large-scale, turnkey solutions for critical industrial applications, including mobile, modular pressure-reducing systems.