Sunbridge Energy Services has entered the Permian market in a big way. With the largest compression and fueling facility in the region strategically located within fifty miles of most Permian producers and a new fleet of specialty trailers that create a virtual pipeline for safe, reliable CNG delivery, Sunbridge is setting a new standard for CNG fueling.

Natural Gas Sourcing & Compression

  • The largest compression and fueling facility in the Permian Basin.
  • Capacity for 25MMc/day of CNG.
  • Connected to Northern Natural’s 30” trunk line, ensuring a reliable supply of the purest quality natural gas with daily gas chromatograph reports.
  • Utilizes the lowest carbon footprint and safest compression via electric-drive technology.
  • Committed to excellence in service and the highest safety protocols.

Transportation & Logistics

  • Quality fleet of specialty trailers creates a virtual transportation pipeline for the safe and reliable delivery of CNG
  • Capable of transporting up to 420,000 standard cubic feet (scf) per load.
  • Strategic proximity to Permian producers means faster, more efficient delivery.

Enhanced Fuel Analytics

  • Real-time proprietary system monitoring allows Sunbridge to provide more precise information about gas composition, including volume, pressure, and BTU content.

ESG Support

  • By helping to replace diesel fuel with a clean and cost-effective fuel alternative, Sunbridge is supporting producers in their efforts to reduce costs, lower carbon emissions, and meet their ESG initiatives.
  • Sunbridge’s monitoring system provides valuable insights for companies measuring their Carbon Intensity (CI Index) score.