Station / Interconnection Location

Though there’s an abundance of supply and demand for CNG in the Permian, the area lacks a virtual pipeline that can transport clean fuels to operators at the highest standards for safety and service. The Sunbridge team has all necessary infrastructure and latest available equipment at customer sites in the Permian to fill this void.

Sunbridge’s gas compression sites can access large quantities of natural gas necessary to meet the growing demands of its oil and gas customers. Sunbridge’s virtual pipeline system utilizes multiple innovative technologies and business strategies to get clean energy fuels to Permian operators efficiently and safely. In partnership with Hanwha Cimarron, a global leader in tube and trailer technology, Sunbridge employs trailer designs that house patented state-of-the-art material composite in configurations to maximize the alternative fuel being delivered, while maintaining the highest industry stringent safety requirements. Sunbridge’s strategic delivery system minimizes the number of necessary trailers and trucks, needed to delivery alternative fuels, to minimize the impact on both completion and drilling locations, while ensuring on-time deliveries to all customers. It also incorporates state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to generate any report needed by the customer for real-time fuel flow and consumption.

Sunbridge Energy Services will be the safest and most reliable option for producers in the Permian to meet their alternative fuel needs including CNG, CNG-H2 blend and pure H2.